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Our Products


Limits worker injury resulting from hand wrapping pallets.


Safer and stronger than conventional hand wrap films.

Labels & Ribbons

Quality products for any and all printing needs.

Packing List Envelopes

Label shipments with sturdy, self-adhesive envelopes.


VP of Logistics for a Major Retailer

Since we started using the WrapStik, our injury claims from hand wrapping pallets has gone from one a month to zero. This is the most superior way to hand wrap a pallet and cost justification is a no brainer due to reduced injury and happier warehouse staff.


We began this journey in 2004 as a small label converter in Atlanta, Georgia. Jeffrey Pace founded this initial company after spending his entire career in the supply chain market focusing on barcode products. While we still maintain our high touch way of doing business by putting our customers’ first, we have experienced exponential growth since those humble beginnings. In 2014 we founded a new company, Danehe LLC and entered into new territory with a patented product The Wrapstik that brought

us into the pre-stretch film space. Due to rapid adoption of this product by customers all over the world we decided that it would be best for our companies to consolidate into one entity with common ownership and that is the beginning of Pegasus Company. We are now all under one roof in Atlanta and have invested heavily in new equipment to meet our customers needs for now and in the future. Please see the products page for our line of products.

The WrapStik
The Wrapstik 2.0 is stronger and made with very durable materials. Wrapstik 2.0 is made with a tough all steel frame, and is enhanced with extension options to fit a wider array of films. The product is also outfitted with glass-fill resin, making this unit more durable and easier to use than it’s older counterpart.